March 30, 2023

Orchestrating Your Attitude to Excel and Lead.

Growing pressure on the work life to succeed has increased considerably in recent past. Limited opportunities for gainful employment make most of the talented and competent ones to re-examine their career goal. Highly competent and vibrant persons tend to go for high flying jobs but a very small section secure that. High flying and high paid jobs pose high pressure to perform at others’ will. “I am not the master to decide. I go by what is expected of my role. But I am learning to be ‘his Majesty’ voice’, president of a leading consumer company shares his despair in an interactive session.”

Impatience and low coping tenacity

Some of them are impatient to grow faster with poor tenacity to cope with volatility of work life and business trend. ” I am more keen to get my piece of cake ,it does not matter if the business has grown around,” statement of a cunning employee is noticed clearly by the Boss. Young executives, must deliver the result before he seeks a reward of his cake from the company. Young mind is on the run .They do not see ,what they can do or have done to the company they work .What they expect is a comparative advantage from peers .” I must get since others are getting in the market “‘ ,a young executive claimed in appraisal meeting with his boss.

Poor self image

Of course ,many do get settled with low paid uncertain career or a few get in to well paid unsatisfying routine jobs. Imagine the attitude that would be orchestrated eventually. I begin negative and low self image.Let us learn the fact that my entry level is at low ebb. Let me not underrate the jobs nor my company. I have chosen the workplace either by default or by design. Since I have agreed to join, I must give my best for whatever time I am with the company. That builds my identity and my college name from where I have been picked up. But many do not bother.

They are in hurry to make make fast buck. It does not pay them in long run. Underemployment is the bane of the developing economy. However, in such a socio-economic setting, the mindset of individuals and their attitude is of critical significance. Accept yourself , with what is given do not hanker for what you do not have .

I had a driver who joined my start up venture two decades ago. I picked him from the street. He was needy . I was not. I offered him salary to keep him going but not at par with market trend .I saw him not so excited .I told him,”I know you are underpaid,compared to market norms . But I shall give you every freedom to learn other jobs of office entire day. I can drive my car .I do not need a driver now .But I do need an assistant who supports my office routine task load”. I told him candidly . If you learn other skills of office job beyond what you know . No sooner ,you would be in a position to dictate terms with me. He was quiet but honest in his eyes . Within six months of time he became my star employee as junior supervisory team meember with only school certificate 10 th standard. Expert in handling every office affairs, plumbing, repair, telephone data bank, health issues, electrical repairs , emergency call, bank collection etc. The day he used to be on leave office was stuck since Sher bahadaur was not in the office . His attitude made him indispensable, all rounder , receptionist , voucher compiler , and handling all trivial jobs with our vendors and government offices.He was a big support to every body in my office .People adored him for his commitment and hard work . We hired him as office assistant- a multi skill guy and stayed with us for more than four years until he decided to go to his village to stay with his ailing old mother. I could not locate a replacement for many months. We have made our own data bank (telephone directory)compiled under his name. Keep high self image with a sense of worth and respect to work and people.

People want to attain the height of success. They work hard to make a mark.

Of course, they do more out of little available to them. System is not congenial to let them excel. They dream to break the system but dare not do so. Many of us know, world around you is non-enterprising. The job is non-exciting. It is flooded with routine and stereotypes. You got to jump with pride and dignity of jobs undertaken without fiddling and wasting time of yours and employers . Of course ,employer looses in bargain ,but you loose more than any one .Because you fail to orchestrate your attitude to excel and lead. Never underrate a job nor any person who does the job. He would deliver if you give him freedom and challenge in a proper blend while keeping an eye on him. Bosses would learn if they want to. But you have lost your cream time ,the youth and energy. Protect it , from draining your attitude that forms the liquid power of your life.

“ON BEING A PERSON- Exploration through Scripture & it’s -Swings of Power.”

A rare experience for my life with a selected group of veterans from the field of ‘Indian Applied behavioural science (ISABS) domain ‘was a new milestone for many. As an anchor and facilitator of the group, I placed ‘Ramayana’ stories to the Group, in brief, a search on “inner power” without an iota of its religious tenets began. Group responded with their variance but with different meanings with depth. The group took off with clear mission to work with self and their inner quest, in backdrop of Ramayana. Many agreed and disagreed on various roles played in Ramayana . Though it was the second time (2 days module) the process far deeper and insightful,I was hesitant to bring ज्ञान पोटली (knowledge bag) beyond a point.The process-driven learner’s group kept a safe distance from the dominance of Guyana.The passion to learn from the epic was alive.An innovative protective method was used to take a dive to locate swings of the internal power of Being. of Responses were thrilling and over whelming. Many felt, time was too short for such deep work.A few got deeply moved beyond expectation.You may choose to join 3rd course-January’21 ( under the IDMAT Leadership Academy (

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