March 30, 2023

Functional Services

ASeed-IDMAT functional services activities are either being part of our multi- focus OD intervention plan or as an outcome of training need analysis of several organisation has envisaged for different sector and sub-sector work.

Institutional Development

Institutional development and HR– Human resource development, competencies mapping, leadership development and organisation development initiative (ODI) would be taken up for SMEs and medium large organisations. Public enterprise like BHEL-HRDI, Engineers India, Hindustan petroleum as leading public sector has sough our support on these areas in addition to large banking sector like central bank of India, SIDBI, and NABARD has been part of our ODI association at different point of time.

Training Research and Development

The function of training attracts several short and long term invitation in addition to several teaching contribution to academic organisations. Large number of trainers training, associates training on soft skills, HRM research areas & good governance – multi thematic areas of gender equity has been conducted by us. Large number of students training for youth has been taken up in urban location in addition to has been taken up in small town academic learning university campus. Intervention at schools and colleges have been taken up over the years .

Consulting and Monitoring

In order to take up short and long term consulting, ASeed-IDMAT has been associated as partner with EDCIL public consulting sector, MTNL, Larson Tubro and Bharti Enterprises and several state and central government ministries. Our monitoring on behalf of UNDP and PLANNING COMMISSION was taken up recently on decentralized planning process in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.