March 30, 2023

Our Partners

Organisation Research and Employee training

“AIDMAT research training wing identifies your employees’ belief systems by using an evidence-based approach to change. It designs your training need and action plan 

Generally speaking like that consumer behaviour research for product launching does spend several months assessing and understanding the consumer’s needs, desires, and habits. Organisations should consider taking this same rigorous approach with their employee base before launching a big change initiative. Lack of adequate research could also explain why change management typically faces hurdles.

 One way to counteract flawed assumptions is by employing an evidence-based approach to understand underlying beliefs and, ultimately, behaviors.

It matters what you say:

When a change management initiative fails, the blame often falls on the failure to communicate. This is probably because most organisations use a one-size-fits-all approach to communicating change: a rational economic cost/benefit analysis. Some will respond to such a sticks-and-carrots message, but it will likely fail to motivate most employees to embrace change.

Further, when framing change, it’s vital to identify and communicate how it will offer employees more autonomy and control. The question to ask is, “Does this promote or take away our employees’ sense of freedom at work?” The behavioural literature suggests that people are loss averse: We hate losing twice as much as we enjoy winning. Therefore, when a new change process is announced, employees may ask themselves, “Will my skill set become obsolete?” or, “How much time will I have to waste to onboard?” In this spirit, whenever possible, look to frame the messaging in terms of what employees will gain. Highlight the professional development opportunities or the process efficiencies that the change initiative will deliver. 

Our experience in competencies mapping work in supporting employee research and training reinforced our organisation development certification program in association with several apex organisations like BIRD ( Bankers Institute of Rural Development ).Lucknow for several years during 2005 till 2010

Bharti Airtel  Enterprise 

Punjab State power corporation

National Hydropower corporation 

Bharat Heavy Electronics( BHEL)

IDMAT has its imprints worldwide in developing the organisations to reach its utmost success with guidance from us. We wish to display our list of partners at various levels.

International Agencies

  • The World Bank Regional Office, Hungary
  • SERP, Bhutan
  • WWF, Nepal
  • World Education ,Kenya
  • UNDP, Sri Lanka
  • Development Support Team, Sri Lanka
  • OXFAM, Vietnam
  • Danish Refugee Council, Denmark
  • SNV, Nepal
  • Mercycorps, Azerbaijan
  • Mountain Area Development Authority, MADA/IFAD, Albania
  • Asia Foundation, Indonesia
  • Asian Development Bank, Philippines
  • Jesuit Refugee Servicesl, Indodesia
  • HOPE International, Thailand
  • UNDP/GEF, Niger
  • CCF, Ethiopia
  • International Finance Corporation, Ghana
  • UNHCR, Bangkok
  • SEED, Srilanka
  • Action Aid, Bangladesh/UK/Cambodia/Nepal/Zambia
  • SAFWCO, Pakistan
  • GTZ/NGO FP, Combodia
  • SEZAP, Ministry of Agriculture,Bhutan
  • Swiss Agency for Development and Corporation, Nepal
  • Caritas, Bangladesh
  • IFFDC/DFIDCansave, Canada
  • CIDSE, Cambodia
  • ASHRAI, Bangladesh
  • RDTRI, UNDP, Bangladesh

National Agencies

  • World Bank, India
  • European Commission, India
  • WOTR, India
  • Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited, India
  • Integrated Rural Development Programmes, India
  • Grameen Vikas Trust, India
  • MYRADA, India
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, India
  • World Vision, India
  • Directorate of Industries, India
  • National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development, India
  • National Small Industries Corporation, India
  • Nayapalli Civic Centre, India
  • Rural Non Farm Development Agency, India
  • A.P. Womens Cooperative Finance Corporation Ltd, India
  • Andhra Bank, India
  • National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), India
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce, India
  • Punjab National Bank, India
  • Indian Overseas Bank, India
  • Department of Biotechnology, India
  • Uttar Pradesh Bhumi Sudhar Nigam, India
  • SIWAN Kshetriya Gramin Bank, India
  • Prathama Bank, India
  • Pragjyotish Gaonlia Bank, India
  • Gurgaon Gramin Bank, India
  • Bank of India, India
  • Department of Women and Child Development, India
  • Union Bank of India, India
  • Bankers Institute of Rural Development, India
  • Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, India
  • Allahabad Bank, India
  • The Institute of Cooperative Management for Agricultural & Rural Development, India
  • Indo-Canadian Project, India
  • Indian Potash Limited, India
  • Kerala State Cooperative Agricultural & Rural Development Bank, India
  • Oriental Insurance Co., India
  • All India Womens Conference, India
  • NEPED, India
  • Ministry of Rural Development, India
  • Ministry of Labour, India
  • Ministry of Health, India
  • Bharat Electronics Ltd, India
  • Bharat Chamber of Commerce, India
  • PRADAN, India
  • Bharat Chamber of Commerce, India
  • Steel Authority of India Ltd, India


  • Oberoi Group of Hotels, India
  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd, India
  • Jindals, India
  • Frito Lay Pepsi Food India, India
  • Spice Telecom, India
  • Whirlpool of India
  • Bharti Telecom Ltd
  • Birla Soft Ltd
  • Vickerys Systems International Ltd.
  • Vinay Cements Ltd
  • Samtel
  • Samcor Glass Ltd
  • Apollo Tyres
  • Cadburys
  • Sriram Pistons
  • Dabur Nepal Pvt Ltd
  • BPL Cellular Ltd
  • Thiramallai Chemicals
  • Delphi Systems
  • Escotel