March 30, 2023

Thematic Services

ASEED-IDMAT, Thematic Services, took several consulting activities as a consortium partner with our sister companies and organisations like KPMG / NABCON / PWC / IDMAT services pvt ltd and many others.

Good governance & Leadership

Efforts to foster good governance leading to transparency, accountability and responsiveness have been taken up for government organisations at state and central level. A project on de-centralised planning in partnership with UNDP for managing change was taken up in the past where nature leadership role, and studies were taken up for the respective stake holders. Uttar Pradesh state level department of planning had intensively studied in the district of Hardoi, for this objective. Later multi-tier leadership orientation was taken up at the district level to help facilitate participatory decision making process. Effective leadership development programme for various stake holders was taken up over the years .
Aseed-IDMAT role for ODI on leadership was taken up for BHEL / HP and many other large companies was taken up recently at Mumbai ,Pune and Delhi in recent past . Similarly, long term intervention in Punjab state power cooperation was taken up in partnership with IDMAT services pvt ltd at different level. Competencies based –Leadership programme was taken for more than 300 senior officers in Punjab followed with competencies mapping gap analysis

Entrepreneurship and skill

The center of entrepreneurship moved to new vertical involving skill development function with series of training for trainers. TISS-SVE long term education has been taken up on five course vixz. PG Diploma of marketing, PG Diploma on HR and ADM along with HR allied courses on digital skill and training and development. ASEED-IDMAT has already acquired the SMRT PORTAL of NSDM and is begun offering series of courses to upgrade the skill of youth both in rural and urban areas . ASEED-IDMAT being partner of BSDM in Bihar and other states of North India has attracted serial skill of higher order to prepare executive employability level while pushing start up movement .

Development education – Gender equity and multi thematic areas

Development sector focussed courses have attracted several intervention in social and civil society organisation. ASeed-IDMAT support to capacity building to large non-profit agencies viz. Dhan foundation, Pradan, OXAFOM, Care International and Action aid international has been going on across the region and south Asian region. ODI process in south Asian region has been central to our cross functional areas of gender equity and micro enterprise aspects and community empowerment.