March 30, 2023


AIDMAT has been known as Aseed International Institute of Development Management Technology (AIDMAT) as an academia that is committed to build synergy between ground development practices and learning academy on various thematic modules.It also connects with industry and academia .It also builds sysnergy between social, corporate ,and public organizations. It has three main thematic divisions . We offer our educational initiative ,research and diagnostic design of social ,development and corporate organizations.

A. ASEED Entrepreneurship Learning Institute (ELI)

  • Start up and Incubation Orientation wing
  • Digital Learning Programme

B. ASEED International Leadership Academy ( AILA)

  • Self Development and Insittuional Development
  • Research and Publication Division

C. Sectoral network Support programmer .It invites membership programmes with several promotional bodies.

D. Organization Development and Human Process Studies

  • Organization diagnosis,
  • Job role development ,
  • Staff training and In house learning programme
  • Competency mapping exercise

E. Corporate Social Responsibility programme

Services demand on capacity development creating support diagnostic on organization structure ,design and role effectiveness programme. Three summary functions define ‘training, research and publications’ in addition to organization restructuring and capacity building programmes.